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When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz

pennypotusIt’s an exciting day for Penny, because she’s finally going to meet her mother’s boss – POTUS. Penny already knows that POTUS has his own team of secret agents and his own plane, so he must be pretty important. She doesn’t know anything else about him, so she imagines him as a big, friendly blue monster.

When Penny gets to the big white house where her mother works, she sneaks away to find POTUS–but he’s pretty hard to find. She asks the butler, the gardener and anyone else she comes across, until she finds POTUS in an unexpected place.

When Penny Met POTUS is endearing for children and adults, though the latter may need to suspend a bit of disbelief at the thought that Penny–a kid presumably living in Washington, DC–may not realize that her mother works for the President of the United States. Penny’s misconceptions go beyond thinking that POTUS is a monster–there’s a cute moment toward the end where POTUS thinks that Penny is surprised that she’s a woman, when in fact she’s surprised that she’s a human.

The book doesn’t explain much about the role of the President, so supplementing with some background information for younger children might be necessary. At the end Penny muses about a presidential run herself, a great opening to encourage children to reach for the stars.

When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz, illustrated by Melissa Manwill; Picture Window; c2016

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