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Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall

dogvscatYou don’t have to read the author’s note at the back of the book to know that Chris Gall has spent a lot of time with both cats and dogs. His characters are dead on in this hilarious book that pits feline against canine in a battle to rule the house. From the first pages where both pets are adopted (the dogs hold up signs saying “I’ll be your best friend” and “I like you,” while the cats have signs that say “Whatever” and “I’m kind of a big deal”) the subtle gags and nods to both breeds’ reputations are clever and humorous.

It’s all out warfare in the Button household, until Dog and Cat start to hear the telltale sounds of…another pet. Suddenly these bitter enemies have a common goal–getting far, far away from this thing called a baby.

I laughed out loud several times while reading this book–always a good sign since books are so often read over and over again. The jokes aren’t written with the adults in mind, but the book is funny enough that you won’t mind repeat performances. The illustrations are colorful and humorous. This one is a real winner–particularly for pet owners.

Review by Kate Sweeney

Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall; Little, Brown; c2014


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