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The Snatchabook by Helen and Thomas Docherty

snatchabookEliza Brown and all of her friends in Burrow Down love to read their bedtime stories–but someone is stealing them! Books are disappearing all over town and bedtime just isn’t the same. Brave Eliza decides to set a trap for the thief and catches him–a Snatchabook. He has his reasons for stealing books, though–can Eliza help him come up with a better choice to get what he wants?

Clever rhymes are paired with Thomas Docherty’s lovely illustrations to make a book that kids will fall in love with. Eliza’s big plan to help the Snatchabook–the not-so-villainous thief–is a great example of empathy for kids.

The illustrations are truly phenomenal and add so much to the story. The Snatchabook’s wide eyes and sad expression really pull at the heartstrings, and a scene where all of the animals in town imagine who might be stealing the books is especially clever. The Snatchabook will make a delightful bedtime story and a great reminder of how important reading and books are to kids.

The Snatchabook by Helen and Thomas Docherty; Sourcebooks Jabberwocky; c2013

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