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Pigmares by Doug Cushman

PigmaresI would have loved to see the book proposal for this one. “It’s a book of poetry about monster movies. …With pigs.” It’s a weird concept, but it works. Movie monsters from Frankenstein to Godzilla have been replaced by pigs, with titles like “The Werehog” and “The Legend of Sleepy Wallow.”

The rhymes are funny, with some surprise endings that will keep kids laughing. There’s not much scary here; kids who aren’t afraid of the concept of monsters should be fine, and monster aficionados will be in heaven. Most kids will know at least some of the monsters portrayed here; even readers who have never heard of Phantom of the Opera or Little Shop of Horrors should find this one enjoyable. Great for celebrating National Poetry Month in April, or save it for a Halloween treat.

Pigmares by Doug Cushman; Charlesbridge; c2012

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